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THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES                 193
ground crypts and temple chambers, took a last regretful look at thek ancient abodes, and departed.
They went calmly, I wrote. For far-off on the horizon of Egypt's destiny, they had sighted Nature's inevitable preparation for a reaction. They had seen a wisp of light that was destined to penetrate their country's sky ana spread itself widely for a time. They had seen the star of the Christ—he who would throw the basic truth of the Mystery teaching open to the whole world, without reserve and without seclusion.
"The Mystery which hath been hidden from ages and generations/* as one of Christ's Apostles declared, would be revealed to the unprivileged masses and the common folk But what the antique institutions communicated to the elect few by a difficult process, would be communicated to all the people by the simple power of faith. Jesus had too much love in his heart to provide for a few alone, he wanted to save the many. He showed them a way which required nothing more than sufficient faith in his words; he offered them no mysterious occult process of initiation. Yet it was a way which could give those who accepted it as great a certitude of immortality as could the Mysteries.
For the Open Path of Jesus taught humility and invoked the help of a higher Power, a Power ever ready to confer complete certitude merely by bestowing Its presence upon the hearts of those who allowed Its entry. Trust in his teachings, coupled with sufficient humility to forgo the usurpation of the intellect, was all that Jesus demanded. He proffered in return the amplest of rewards—the conscious presence of the Father. In that presence, as he knew, all doubts would melt away and man himself would grasp the truth of immortality without having to undergo the experience of entrancement. Man would know this because the Father's Mind would have suffused his own intellect, and in that ineffable suffusion simple faith would be transformed into divine intuition.
So the heavy doors of the Egyptian Mysteries were dosed for the last time, and never again did the feet of hopeful candidates pass up the sacred step that led: towards the temple entrance, or down the sloping tunnel to the temple crypt. But history moves in cycles, that which has been shall be again;